The Port-Daniel-Gascons Website is now yours to browse!

The municipality of Port-Daniel–Gascons proudly announces that it now has its very own virtual pages of history. We invite you to browse through them and discover this remarkable area, which has indeed greatly improved since the merging of its two century-old towns, Port-Daniel and Ste-Germaine de l’Anse-aux-Gascons. Its oceans, forests, mountains, valleys, stories and legends are treasures for all to explore, as they make up – according to Radio-Canada Matane’s listeners – one of the Gaspé Coast’s seven wonders.

The area history has been intimately associated with the building of the railway. You are therefore invited aboard on a journey through this land of culture, tourism, trade, community and recreation: From Jacques Cartier to Gabrielle Roy and Marc Aurèle Fortin… From the Colborne shipwreck to the Maison LeGrand with its century-old train station and dramatic railroad tunnel… Through the quaint fishing harbours… Port-Daniel–Gascons is yours to visit and discover!

We hope that this website will charm you into paying us a first visit, coming back to see us or, even better, into settling down with your family in this breathtaking area of unique hospitality.

Enjoy your visit!


Painting Symposium Week-end des Arts

Welcome to the Painting Symposium Week-end des Arts 16, 17 and 18 September at the Church of Port- Daniel . For further information and schedule visit the web site of the symposium: www.weekenddesarts.com or facebook page symposium du week-end des arts .

The acting classes

Children: on Thursday, September 15th, 6:00 pm followed by the 1st course at 6:30 pm in the community room of the House LeGrand. Inscription $70 for 12 weeks, show at the end. Inscription for the adults the same evening 7:30 pm followed by the 1st course. Price $80 for 12 weeks, show at the end, mounting a real play. Regular schedule will begin on Mondays that will fallow to 6:30 pm children and 7:30 pm for the adults. Contact Réjeanne 418-396-5225 post 33 or 418-396-3403 or Nancy Gagnon professor of theater on its page Facebook.

(Français) Bottin des logements 2016

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(Français) Calendrier de la collecte des matières résiduelles 2016

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(Français) Procès-verbaux

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The contractual management policy of the municipality

To consult the contractual management policy of the municipality, please click the link Documentation center situated on the homepage.

The next municipal assembly

The monthly meeting of the month of September 2016 will be held Monday, September 12th, at 19h, in the community room, of Maison LeGrand.

Payment by debit card

Take note that you can now pay your tax bill by debit card.